For Better or Worse

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For Better or Worse

LAPIAN, Adrian B.
For Better or Worse: Collected Essays on Indonesian - Dutch Encounters
Jakarta: Tatanusa, 2010
iii + 216 hal; 24,5 cm
ISBN 978-979-39999-61-6

Chapter  One                 Indonesia’s Encounter with the Netherlands
Chapter Two                  Reflections on Historical Relations between Europe and Indonesia 
Chapter Three                The OC in Contemporary Indonesian Writings
Chapter Four                 Indonesian Perceptions of Colonial Power
Chapter Fie                   Laut Sulawesi : The Celebes Sea, From Center to Peripheries

Chapter Six                   Tjahaja Sijang (The Light of Day) : Its Significance for the History of the Indonesian Local Press

Chapter Seen                Holy Warriors from the Sea : The 1875 Raid on Manado

Chapter Eight                The Sea-lords of Berau and Mindanao : Two Responses to the Colonial Challenge

Chapter Nine                 Christian Resistance Moements in the Colonial Period

Chapter Ten                  Getting to the Table : Some Cultural Aspects of Diplomatic Encounters in Indonesia 

Chapter Eleen   The Colonial Wars : Just or Unjust?

Chapter Twele               Two Different Memories of a Common Past : The OC in the Indonesian Archipelago 

A Sea of Histories, A History of the Seas (An interiew by Hendrik E. Niemeijer) 


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